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What Does It Really Mean to be Human? Finding the Diamond

What’s so great about being human?

Many times I have found myself saying…

“There must be a better way!”

“There must be more than this.”

“Why is everything so hard?”

“There has to be something missing.”

The Missing Piece

There have been times when it felt like something was missing in my perspective and understanding of life. Maybe you’ve had similar sentiments. Or maybe you’ve been on a spiritual path, but still find yourself seeking for a higher understanding. Or maybe you find that there remains a disconnect between the level of your spiritual understanding and the level of your physical world experience of inner peace, abundance and joy. Either way, we all intuitively feel at some point that there’s a “key” piece missing and therefore a sense of being incomplete in fully experiencing and enjoying our life.

The Key

Historically on planet Earth, this “key” information has primarily been a mystery for the great majority of humanity. That is, kept secret within various mystery schools on the planet. But now, at this time on the planet, we live in a time of “no more secrets”. In 1997, the North American Mystery School was opened to the public, founded by Gudni Gudnason – a man who remarkably has studied and trained within every mystery school on the planet.

As a result, Hermetic knowledge, magick tools and the power of an ancient initiatory path (held within the lineage of King Salomon) are now available to anyone who seeks for them. In the past, only the elite and the chosen were given the opportunity to accelerate their spiritual progression, while in the physical, by receiving an ancient modality called DNA or Life Activation.

Activating Your DNA

This modality allows divine light to flow into our DNA and “activate” dormant areas so that we can re-awaken to our true human potential, allowing for more clarity about our life purpose, who we are and why we’re here. The missing “key” can be found within the knowledge of our divinity and that our true “state of being” is eternal. When we can live our life from that foundation, all potential arises for us. We can connect with our divinity anytime and anywhere. Our DNA holds our divinity. So our body, while being a vehicle for spirit, is truly a temple.

After receiving a Life Activation, it is easier to get or keep your life “on track”. That is what I have experienced. You’ll have the ability to be more efficient at navigating through the maze of life choices. In a sense, by opening our DNA to divine Light, we are opening a door that leads to an accelerated path of personal spiritual progression. (For me, the acceleration was more than I could have imagined or believed.)

What Initiation Will Do For You

Moving forward from the Life Activation, we can make a choice to be initiated as an Adept within the ancient Hermetic lineage of King Solomon. This option has also been available for the last twenty years to anyone who seeks it through a program called Empower Thyself. In this program, you are opening yourself up to coveted and sacred ancient knowledge about yourself, humans and the universe, you are receiving tools for bringing more Light into your body and your life and you are receiving the initiatory power and authority that is held within this ancient lineage. You get to grasp on a deeper level what it means to be human, who we are and why we’re here. By walking through the door called Empower Thyself, you are receiving empowerment in three ways, through knowledge, tools and the power and protection of initiation. (Talk more here about becoming the diamond).

Wouldn’t anyone today want to bring this kind of empowerment into their lives? Of course! But only if they believed it were true. They would first have to either believe or trust that it was real. But even belief and trust can only take us so far.

Knowledge Available to All

Our world today makes it difficult to have hope, to even accept the possibility that Goodness and Light can really be here on Earth and within humans. It is difficult to accept that a real, true Mystery School, with an ancient and unbroken lineage of universal and sacred knowledge not only exists but is available to anyone who seeks for it.

The truth is that there are many versions of universal teachings available in the world today that are designed to enlighten and inspire. There are so many choices available to us that contain certain “truths” that we recognize on some level and that resonate with us.

But how many of them are truly empowering us?

How many of them remain pure in their teachings so that there is only progression and ascension rather than dead ends that leave us seeking?

Is there really a diamond somewhere in the rock pile of spiritual enlightenment?

And how many times have we thought we found the “key” only to be left still searching at the bookstore or on line for something more, the next step?

How do we know if we’re truly being guided in the right direction and or just into another circular dead end that doesn’t really get us anywhere?