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before & after your healings

The most important thing to remember before your session is to simply let go, relax, and be present to whatever your experience is. There are no “right” experiences, as there are no predetermined or rigid expectations as to what you should or should not experience. Your physiology and consciousness will lead the way and respond in the most appropriate manner. This is how you can gain the most from your session.

What to expect

Some healings, like the DNA Activation, are done on the etheric field, with the only physical contact being the practitioner’s hand on your shoulder for connection.
Different people report various sensations like sleepiness, heat, tingles, cold, visions, and strong feelings in or above the head area. Other people feel nothing. Some people are more receptive than others and the meaning of their sensations can vary with each individual.
You will most likely feel some changes in the few days following your session, and some healings take at least 6-9 months to reach their peak affect.


You may feel a need to drink more water or to detoxify the body as a result of this work. We recommend that you explore gentle ways to do this. This detoxifying will be a key factor in your body being able to handle energy shifts of the coming time period.

after your session

Some healings process and integrate for a few weeks to a few months, so once completed, it is advised to take is easy and rest if you need to, drink plenty of water as there may be a detox going on, take Rescue Remedy if drawn to it, do grounding activities like walking in nature, yoga, or anything that connects you with the earth.

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