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Bodybuilding and Spirituality

You may find these two subjects to be interesting bedfellows, but the reality is that Spirit is in everything. We are Spirit and therefore Spirit is in everything we do. Because I love fitness, and especially bodybuilding, and because I also love exploring spirituality and metaphysics, I have found that they have many parallels. Let me share some of them with you.


Bodybuilding (Physical)

When it comes to fitness, we are constantly pushing our limits – pushing human limits. And with bodybuilding in particular, we also seek to expand ourselves physically. Our state of mind is crucial to our fitness success. And from that state of mind, we see our physical body change.

Spirituality (Metaphysical)

True spirituality, the exploration of ourselves as Spirit, refers to the process or path of knowing ourselves. We push beyond our physicality to find no limits to our potential. We expand our awareness and shift our state of mind to go beyond the physical body. We understand that we are so much more than our physical body. We progress spiritually. And through that process, our physical world changes.


In the world of fitness

and in our spiritual progression,

the better we know ourselves,

the more we can change – and often do.

Bodybuilding (Physical)

To transform our body, we must know what we are presently capable of and where we would like to be – a goal. We know we are either in an anabolic state (building) or a catabolic state (breaking down) – never static. We also know that it is necessary for us to break down what we have in order to rebuild. We tear down muscle so that it may rebuild itself anew – bigger and stronger.

Spirituality (Metaphysical)

Spiritually speaking, we know that we are always changing, either progressing or regressing. We tear down old versions of ourselves that no longer serve us so that we can evolve into more powerful beings aligned with our true selves and our life purpose – bigger and stronger than we previously thought possible.


Bodybuilding (Physical)

In bodybuilding, we pump blood through our body, flowing energy in the form of fuel and oxygen to all the cells of our tissues and organs. Optimized flow of this energy is crucial for optimized performance.

Spirituality (Metaphysical)

Along the metaphysical path, we come to understand how energy flows within all of our bodies (eg., physical, soul, mental, emotional) and therefore in our life. Our performance in life depends upon this flow. This is the kind of flow people experience after the Empower Thyself Initiation.


Bodybuilding (Physical)

In order to effectively train our bodies, we must be wholly in our bodies and also wholly in the moment. We cannot expect to move heavier weight or push through extra reps or further distance or longer performance time without being fully present.

Spirituality (Metaphysical)

The same is true with our spiritual progression. Time is an illusion and there is no past or future; there is always now. When we live in the past (regrets) or the future (worries), we aren’t really living. We must be fully present for our soul to progress.


Bodybuilding (Physical)

To properly train the body for growth and fitness, we must remain centered and balanced with precise and disciplined technique. In any form of fitness, we know that technique is everything! And good technique always comes from balance and discipline.

Spirituality (Metaphysical)

To progress spiritually, we must walk the path of the Middle Pillar, learning how to remain centered and balanced within a life of discipline. This is the path of the initiate within a mystery school. Specifically, we learn how to operate from the perspective of the Tree of Life.


Bodybuilding (Physical)

In bodybuilding and fitness in general, we see our body as our temple. We honor it and care for it meticulously, knowing the great potential that is held within. Maybe, in a way, we even worship it! Because in a way, we see the God within!

Spirituality (Metaphysical)

From a spiritual/metaphysical perspective, we know that our true state of being is eternal and divine. Our DNA holds our divinity. It is through our body that our spirit is expressing itself in the world. So our body truly is a temple! A temple from which, and through which, we can worship God by virtue of our own self-expression


Bodybuilding (Physical)

Along the bodybuilding path, we learn body awareness. That is, we develop a heightened sense of how our body is responding to our activity, we are aware of subtle indications or signals from our body of what is and what isn’t working in regard to foods, certain exercises, workout routines, sleep, etc. When we are experienced, we can even tell when an injury is forthcoming and avoid it before it happens.

Spirituality (Metaphysical)

Awareness is an area where it is most clear to me how spirituality and fitness are intimately related. Awareness is key to our spiritual progression. We are best able to learn how to expand our awareness of who we are and why we’re here when we have the opportunity to learn/develop within a genuine (evidence based) guided and time-proven path of spiritual progression, as is found within a true mystery school. The first step in this expanded awareness is receiving a Life Activation.


Bodybuilding (Physical)

During our workouts, we often enter a trance-like state of consciousness, “The Zone” as it is sometimes called, actually a shifted brain wave frequency. Pure focus. We are in the moment, feeling pure passion and joy, and as athletes, we live for this!

Spirituality (Metaphysical)

Along the path of our spiritual progression, meditation is key. Meditation is part of the foundation for our soul’s progression. We learn to shift our state of consciousness. With a developed practice of meditation, we find ourselves truly shifting, and we find ourselves more often in that state of pure passion and joy. The more we shift our consciousness, the more our consciousness shifts! The Max Meditation class is one way to do this.

The Path of Progression

The path of our physical progression and the path of our spiritual progression - they overlap quite a bit! On both paths, we find ourselves pushing our limits and seeking to be the best we can be, staying centered, focused and disciplined, and shifting our conscious awareness in order to transform ourselves! We are truly actualizing the Hermetic principle, “As above, so below”.

In pursuing bodybuilding, we are always looking for the most accelerated path to body transformation, and the wisest of us seek, and in fact demand, a safe, intelligent and healthy path for sustained growth and progression. I have found that the most accelerated path for sustained transformation, both physically and spiritually, is held within a true, ancient mystery school lineage and begins with an ancient modality called a Life Activation.

The Modern Mystery School

The Modern Mystery School is the only true and complete mystery school lineage on the planet today that is open to the public. To be a true mystery school, it must hold an ancient lineage through a lineage key holder. The Modern Mystery School holds the Hermetic lineage of King Salomon (over 8,000 years old), the teachings and knowledge of which were made available to the public in 1997 through its sole lineage key holder at the time, Gudni Gudnason.

I invite and encourage you to explore the possibilities that exist for your own personal, physical and metaphysical, transformation. As a bodybuilder, athlete or fitness guru of any kind, you are already a natural! Because bodybuilding has everything to do with spirituality! And the building and refining of your body can lead to the evolution of your soul and spirit – if you let it.

Dr. Weis received her Life Activation certification and energy healing training at The Modern Mystery School, International (initiated as an Adept in 2011) and is now a certified Guide, Healer and third step Ritual Master in the lineage of King Salomon. She received her M.D. from Temple University Medical School in Philadelphia, PA, completing a residency in Pediatrics. and a fellowship in Neonatology-Perinatology. Dr. Weis is a Board-certified neonatologist and continues to practice medicine part-time in California and Hawaii.

For more information about the Modern Mystery School, Life Activation or how to start this initiatory path, email me at or call 856-278-5591.

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