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The Children Are Our Future

As Parents, How Can We Help?

Today we struggle so much with our own healing. And we work almost desperately to not create the same traumas for our own children that were created for us. We want so much for our children to live in and experience a bright new world, full of love and potential, for them to express themselves, to be who they are meant to be in the world. We want this because we love them so dearly. And that’s what the purest of love does. It desires with its whole being for the other to have the freedom to fully express themselves and to experience the joy and fulfillment that comes with that.

Can Our Children Be More?

As parents, we also hold this belief that our children can somehow have the ability to be more than we are, that they can “go further” than we did. We figure that we “gave it a go” in life and we got to a certain point, but surely our children, if raised well enough by us, will be able to reach higher heights in life than we did.

There is truth in all this and where there is truth, there is also a lesson:

  • What if we loved ourselves as much as we love our children?

  • What if we could see ourselves as that child who has dreams and visions of the future?

Yes, we should give our children the best chances in life, we should always give them hope.

  • But are we giving ourselves the best chances?

  • Or have we let go, to some extent, of hope for ourselves and our lives and the lives of humanity in general?

  • Have we, in a way, given up on ourselves?

The Children Are Our Future But So Are We

The children are our future, but so are we. We create the world, as it is today, by the choices we make; by the choices we make for ourselves. How much do we love ourselves? Do we love ourselves as much as we love our children? We know it is instinctual for a parent to sacrifice themselves for a child in danger. But what is the real danger that our children face? I ask you, is it not the current state of affairs in the world? We must recognize the power that each of us holds in the creation of the world as it is today. We must reconnect to the child within us and love that child. Giving them every opportunity to experience a bright new world, full of love and potential, to express themselves, to be who they are meant to be in the world, to have the freedom to fully express themselves and to experience the joy and fulfillment that comes with that. Now that’s an example for our children that is truly empowering for them. Empower yourself first, and your children will learn what it truly means to be empowered. As you shine in the world, so will they shine!

True Empowerment

Today, there is so much empowerment that is available to us. But often, we don't always seek empowerment because it sounds like just more responsibility. And who needs that?! The reality is that true empowerment brings relief - relief from the stress and anxiety and pure exhaustion that so often comes with life today. True empowerment is not always easy to come by, but it is what we need, I have found that, by far, the most empowering path of true self progression begins with receiving a Life Activation and continues through the process of seeking deeper spiritual and metaphysical knowledge - in fact, in Knowing Thyself.

What is a Life Activation?

What's a Life Activation? Quite simply, it's an ancient tool for spiritual empowerment - a modality that brings more Light into your body and and clarity into your life, helping to revive and stimulate your own individual and original blueprints for life, awakening you to your true self and your true potential. A giant step in your own empowerment.

Today, we all have the opportunity to do this at our own pace, yet in a uniquely accelerated manner, with the guidance and advanced spiritual training found along the ancient initiatory path of the King Salomon lineage, available to all those who seek it, within the Modern Mystery School. I sincerely hope you will explore how any of this can help you empower the child within you - so that we can all walk, with our children, into a far brighter future for us all!

To learn more about a Life Activation or the Empower Thyself Class, click on the links provided.

Dr. Weis received her Life Activation certification and energy healing training at The Modern Mystery School, International and is now a certified Guide, Healer and Teacher in the lineage of King Salomon. She received her M.D. from Temple University Medical School in Philadelphia, PA, completing a residency in Pediatrics. and a fellowship in Neonatology-Perinatology. Dr. Weis now works to assist others in their own empowerment.

For more information about the Mystery School, Life Activation or how to start this ancient path of empowerment, email me at or call 856-278-5591.

Check out the website at

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