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The Modern Mystery School is the only true, full lineage mystery school on the planet today that is open to the public.  It holds the ancient lineage of King Salomon.  A little over 3,000 years ago, King Salomon succeeded in accomplishing many significant milestones for the advancement of all of humanity, in addition to maintaining the purity of all the wisdom teachings that this ancient lineage held for us.  All mystery schools on the planet have remained essentially closed to the public for millennia so as to maintain this purity.  And every true, ancient lineage has a key holder, a person responsible for maintaining this pure wisdom.


The keys for this sacred lineage were handed over to a man, an Ipsissimus, by the name of Gudni Gudnason.  At that time, the message was clear: “No more secrets.”  Energies on the planet are shifting and humans are now ready to take our next evolutionary step, and to do this we need access to ancient wisdom.  So, in 1997, Founder Gudni opened the doors of the Modern Mystery School and continues to work tirelessly for humanity and the mission of world peace.


In 2017, 20 years after Founder Gudni Gudnason opened the doors of the Modern Mystery School to the public, and with the growth of the school into 55 countries, the keys for the lineage were shared with Ipsissimus Dave Thor Lanyon and Ipsissimus Hideto Rei Nakagome creating the Third Order of lineage holders, moving into the new paradigm for world peace.

all those who know thyself

This is a time on the planet for the Light of self-knowledge and self-empowerment to shine! – for us to be all that we have the potential to be!  With the power that comes with this knowledge, we can connect fully with the divinity within us and shine Light on whatever darkness exists.  And that’s what this lineage can do for you.  It offers you ancient knowledge and teachings about the universe and about your potential as a human - highly coveted knowledge that was secret until 1997 - as well as passing on to you the energy, tools and power that the King Salomon lineage carries within it through a process of initiation.


If any of this resonates with you, I encourage you to explore the Life Activation and the Empower Thyself class and initiation.  It is here for all those who truly seek….

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