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Come discover what it means to walk the path of an Adept Initiate within a True Ancient Mystery School Lineage - the lineage of King Salomon!

The true path of Self-Mastery!

Why limit yourself? There is so much more available to you!

New year, new YOU!



7:00PM TO 9:00PM

($20 admission fee)

MUST RSVP BY 3:00 PM 5/29/24

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For most of humanity's time on Earth, it was unheard of to have access to the ancient and universal mystery teachings of God and the universe - of life!  Becoming an Adept Initiate in any of the mystery school lineages on the planet had been by invitation only.  However, over the course of the millennia, there have been people who have had access to these tools of knowledge and power. Many of them you are very familiar with because of the effect they've had on the world and the progression of humanity.

Come learn about who they are, what it means to be an initiate and how one of the mystery school lineages on the planet became open to the public in 1997.  This time on the planet is a very special time indeed!  And you are here.  Wouldn't you like to know a little bit more about why that is?

**One lucky participant will receive a free Light Infusion (a component of the Life Activation session) demonstrated during the class.**

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