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3 Easy Steps to Finding Clarity

One of the hardest things to find is clarity. Sometimes it seems as slippery as jello, and as easy to fall through your fingers as water. As each day passes, we are given new challenges, new information, new energy – and thus we need to find new clarity every day about our path, who we are, and what to do.

This is NOT easy.

There are 3 things that I can recommend in finding clarity:

#1. You have to slowly begin to eliminate the subconscious programming. That little nagging voice is always in the back of your head trying to mess up your directions.

A daily meditation practice works to eliminate the mind clutter that we’ve accumulated all day, so that your actions come from your heart, not from programming. Many times we react to a situation because we’ve seen it happen on TV a thousand times. Until you release from this programming, your clarity will always be skewed.

My favourite meditation for clearing the mind is focusing on the breath and having no thoughts. If thoughts come in, and you follow them, just come back to the breath.

Or watch a candle burning for 15 minutes, or incense rising, or a fountain.

These are void meditations and are extremely effective. Guided meditations are great, but we need a clear mind first (thus the void meditations).

#2. Get honest with yourself and write your value system.

Any time you need to make a decision gauge it against the value system. This goes for when you’re choosing who to date, how you approach weight loss, your next major purchase, the next steps in your business. We are excellent at lying to ourselves. Be honest. This helps give you clarity because lies confuse us.

#3. Release the people, activities, and self-limiting thoughts the suck your energy. These will cloud both judgement and clarity.

You see, we only find clarity by finding out who we are. Being around people who like us because we wear a mask when we’re around them will not help the cause. Their image of you is different from your true self, and you eventually step into this. Then 20 years down the road we are living a life that we never wanted. It is scary to always be yourself, but in the end it will build a life that reflects who you really are and will mimic your inner joy.

Clearing unserving energies now will help you to find clarity, just like clearing fog away helps you see.

The Mystery School has always been my go to place for clarity. Not because they tell me what to do, or because I expect them to have answers for me, but because they are so well trained in creating a safe & sacred space for me to find my own clarity. A true teacher only asks the right questions and provides stillness of mind. Then I am shown my own wisdom.

The Life Activation initiates an internal process of self-discovery and clarity plugging us into our mother board, as do all the tools of the Mystery School. Teachings kept protected for millennium for those who feel called to a deep, internal, spiritual quest. Clarity is sought after once we become aware of our confusion. And we only have confusion when we do not know ourselves. If we truly knew who were were in any given moment, decisions would be easy. And clarity would become our natural state of mind.

My humble suggestion is that you try a Life Activation, a RA Healing, a cord cutting, a Sacred Geometryclass. Something, anything. Give yourself the gift of self discovery.

Destiny awaits you.

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