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Meditation by the Sea

online sanctuary meditation 

Every Fourth Tuesday at 7:00 pm

Do you have a reliable relationship with your intuition? Would you like to enjoy more mental clarity? Are you ready to have a clear connection with your higher guidance? Join us for this Sanctuary Meditation!

ancient technique

Carla Weis, MD offers the Sanctuary Meditation Technique as handed down in the Salomonic Mystery School tradition for thousands of years to connect with your Higher Self. Learn who and what your Higher Self really is. This Sanctuary Meditation serves as a foundation for meditative practice and spiritual progression.

what is sanctuary?

Your Sanctuary is the place to cultivate your own personal power and intuition. It is a special space through which you can consciously meet and connect with your higher self. Your higher self is the voice of your spiritual nature and can provide great peace, insight, confidence, and well-being.

As you practice using this ancient and proven technique, you will gain access to clearer, higher guidance for yourself as well as the ability to relax deeply and empty your mind. With practice, you will be able to "drop in" quickly to a deeper level of yourself and just be. Even if you do not feel that you currently receive spiritual guidance, repeated use of this practice will build a connection so that you can refine your discernment and increase your alignment with your higher self.

how to prepare

We recommend limiting caffeine and chocolate before the Zoom meeting. Have a glass of water and a journal nearby. Dress in comfortable clothing.

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