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The alchemy of life

True Alchemy has immense power to create transformation, success and manifestation in our lives!  As one of the most ancient arts and sciences on the planet, Alchemy has been a long-held Mystery School tradition that rests at the core of all we do.  It is critical for fulfilling our mission of creating a better world.

While many people associate Alchemy with a medieval science of trying to "turn lead into gold", this is a very limited view about what Alchemy is truly about.  There is Alchemy in EVERYTHING.  It is a living art and science of Transformation and Raising Vibration in all aspects of life.  As such, Alchemy is a way of is Alive!

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program overview

Awaken your understanding of the power of alchemy and apply it into your daily life.

In this 1-day hands-on experiential workshop, our goal is to create a direct experience of Alchemy and how to use it to Raise Vibration and Transform our lives for the better.  Discover how to open up the energies of Purification, Transformation, Awakening of the Senses and Heightening Vibration in your Body and Soul, like never before.

Pre-requisite:  None (Life Activation strongly recommended)

Date:  Sunday, March 13th, 2022

Time:  10 am to 7 pm

Location:  Orange, CA


First Tier: $365 (Full)

Second Tier: $395 (Full)

Third Tier:  $425

Late Registration (after Feb 28th): $450

Deposit:  $200 (non-refundable) will hold your spot

(Venmo to @Carla-Weis)

Any Questions:

Theresa has her own show on Gaia TV called "Mystery Teachings".


Theresa Bullard, Ph.D. deftly interweaves complex concepts from ancient mystery teachings and quantum physics to bring us real-world ways in which we can deepen our spiritual connections and manifest a fulfilled life.


Doing so, she shows us the way to reunite with source and tap into our unlimited potential as conscious beings. Theresa is a pioneer in the field of fusing modern science, consciousness, and ancient transformative teachings. She obtained her Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Washington and has become an advanced initiate, Teacher, Healer, Guide, and international instructor within the lineage of King Salomon.

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Dr. Theresa Bullard

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